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We are a grassroots group of volunteers in Carteret County, North Carolina, dedicated to protecting our coastal environment since 1979.

Water Quality:

Clean water is vital Carteret County's natural resource-based economy. The 'quality' of water (as measured by its temperature, salinity, clarity, chemical and bacterial content) determines its ability to support aquatic life, seafood fit for human consumption, and recreational activities such as fishing and swimming. State and federal agencies set legal standards (e.g., chemical and bacterial limits) for allowing various human activities to occur in aquatic environments. Here you can learn about different types of activities that affect or are affected by the quality of our local waters, as well as the stakeholders (government, citizen groups) involved in these matters.
Polluted Runoff

Runoff. Image Credit NC Coastal Federation
Wastewater Treatment

New Wastewater Treatment Plant in Morehead City. Photo by Dylan Ray.
Drinking Water

Watershed Management

White Oak River Watershed

Bottomland swamp forest. Photo by Alex Houston.
Shellfish closures

Oyster Beds