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We are a grassroots group of volunteers in Carteret County, North Carolina, dedicated to protecting our coastal environment since 1979.
Ways to get involved with Crossroads and Carteret County environmental issues:

Fiddler crabs. Photo by Alex Houston. Become a Crossroads member.
Just fill out the form here and mail it back to us with your dues. Your membership helps cover the publication/mailing costs of our newsletter and supports our activities. As a member, you will receive mailed copies our newsletter and be invited to our Annual Members' Meeting.

Join our Discussion group .
You can join the group whether you're a Crossroads member or not, to take part in the local dialogue on environmental issues.

Attend local events to stay informed.

Contact your representatives.
Let them know what matters to you.

Join other organizations.
Various groups are addressing
environmental issues in our county or
region and need your help.