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We are a grassroots group of volunteers in Carteret County, North Carolina, dedicated to protecting our coastal environment since 1979.

A Sense of Place — Heartfelt Response to the Natural Environment of Carteret County


A Carteret Crossroads Mapping Project

            On  November 22, 2010, Crossroads launched this new project, a web base platform designed by Josh Stoll.   We hope to gather short essays and photos from specific locations in the county.   Links to these dated posts will appear as “red marks” on an aerial map of Carteret County.    Visitors to the site will “click on the red marks”, read the posts, view the photo if available, and find a new appreciation of natural environment of the unique county.   A link will be active when the “hand tool” changes to a pointed finger over a red mark.   On the left hand side of the map is a sliding scale so that one can zoom in for a closer look.   This will also helps to separate the “red marks” so that the specific location of the posts can be seen.    You can also “double click” on a location and the map will be expanded.    
            The incredible complexity of Carteret County, as seen from above, is also reflected in the diversity of plants, animals, natural views, geological features, and special habitats found on land and in the water.    Important Marine Science labs are situated in the county because of our unique setting as the divide between Northern and Southern species ranges.    
            Our goal of this project, and our organization as a whole, is to promote sound environment policy that will protect the unique natural environment of Carteret County.    As we work on this project, together, our appreciation for the county will grow and we will strive to protect that which makes this place special.    
            We are going to have to “feel our way” through the start of this process. Here are some initial ground rules.    

1.   Posts will be signed by author, dated, and tied to a specific location.
2.   This is an open web based forum; there is no control over who will read it.
3.   The theme is the natural environment, we will be writing about it as we see it, play in it, or work in it. 
Please submit posts to Mark Hooper, President, Carteret County Crossroads    I will do my best to update the map in a timely manner.